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We build camper vans and custom vehicles 

From bespoke camper vans to 4x4 overland expedition vehicles. We source, design, build, service and rent from a base in the UK. Every aspect is hand built to extremely high standards, from hard wood furniture to state of the art electrical systems. Wherever you are headed; we can create a vehicle to match your needs.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements, or view our latest vehicles in stock. 


Our base vehicles

We source our base vehicles from all over Europe, often we know exactly what we are looking for and use our network of dealers to find unusual and rare base vehicles.  Fully serviced and maintained. They make the very best blank canvas for our build projects.


Our approach is intelligent and unique. 

Built for the love of adventures; years of experience go into each and every project. We know that when you pull up at a spot hundreds of miles from home, your campervan becomes more than just a vehicle. Whether you passionate about surfing, mountain biking, climbing, sailing or the pure joy of travel. Our vehicles make you feel comfortable anywhere in the world. With your important equipment close to hand, all you need to worry about is where to head next.



Built for adventure.

We love an ambitious project

Whether you are in the market for a bespoke new camper van or have a specialist vehicle in mind. We are confident that we can help. We operate a workshop in Cornwall, UK and offer a wide range of services. We can also supply and fit aftermarket and custom parts. 

Explore our website to find out what services we offer, alongside our vehicle rental and sales.




Experience the best times, in the wildest places.

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